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Full Name: Athena Jolie Sigurdson

Date Born: September 2nd, 2007.

Death: not yet

Spouse: Its complicated

Athena Jolie Sigurdson was born on September 2nd, 2007, in Winnipeg Manitoba. At a young age Athena enjoyed binge watching the Night Garden and playing with My Little Ponies. At her current age (13), Athena still enjoys The Night Garden, but minus My Little Ponies. Athena has yet to get a job, but she helps out at home by doing laundry, dishes, cleaning, and the occasional supper- making. Staying on the topic of food, some of Athena’s favourite foods are fettuccine and salad.

As for hobbies… Athena has little to none, but the few she has consist of procrastinating, sleeping, Wattpad, and my all-time favourite, her Marvel obsession. Fun little fact, Athena finished the original 23 Marvel movies in under a week, that plays out to about 50 hours or 2 days and 2 hours of straight movies! Some of Athena’s favourite Marvel things are Sebastian Stan, (James Bucky Barnes). You know what, let’s just say all the marvel men!

Athena also likes her baby cousin, and I believe she likes school, but every so often I can be convinced otherwise. I also believe Athena likes her friends, and most of the time her family, but her brothers get on her nerves. In all honesty it wouldn’t be a family if you don’t anger each other every once and a while. Am I right?

Athena has grown up with two brothers in the sibling department, and two parents in the guardian section. Athena also has two dogs, but she doesn’t like them very much, so we don’t speak about them (even though they are really cute!).

Athena has lived in Arborg her whole life and in this small town she spends most of her time indoors, on her phone, away from the outside world. Every so often she gets outside and is forced, I meant ‘chooses,’ to take the dogs for a walk. Or she even enjoys a quad ride from time to time.

Athena has asthma and allergies if you didn’t already know, this means please don’t bring fish or any type of nut into the school as I really don’t want a dead friend!

In conclusion to Athena’s amazingly boring biography she is not yet dead, in fact she is actually very well and sitting behind me. Athena is in mint physical condition, but I think her Marvel obsession may have taken a toll on her mental well-being. As for recent news on her Athena has tried her hand in softball and almost broke it. She has also tried to play baseball at break, but sadly gets ‘out’ almost every time.

Hopefully, Athena lives for many more years and stays happy and semi mentally sound!





Country VS Pop

I am here to voice my opinion on the music I listen to, and why you should listen to it as well. In my opinion I think that country is better than pop. Ok, ok I see how this could be a heated discussion, so before you make up your mind, just let me try to change your mind ok?

So, I know everyone has a different opinion on country music so here’s mine. I really like country because it is easy on the ears to listen to. Either your happy, sad, angry, jealous, there is a song(s) that will fill that need. I especially like it because its easy on the ears. It is not screeching loudly or putting you in the wrong mood at the wrong time. Country is just nice and chill, but it can be uplifting and fun at times as well. I just also find country singers (whether man or woman) voices so much more soothing and natural as oppose to pop singers. This may not be true in all cases but for the most part that is my observations and opinion.

I will now be talking about the difference between pop and country and how I tell the difference. So, for the most part, country music has slower paced instruments and (in my opinion) have lyrics with deeper meaning. Country music, however, is mostly sad. Whether it’s being a breakup, a death or a split, most times its sad. I am not saying it always is though! Now for Pop. Pop is often more of a faster pace; the music is often louder and can be used to get into a good or motivated mood. For me, pop is a happier style and more upbeat, it can also be relaxing at times.

It’s now time to lay the smack down on how country music may not be so fantastic. For me, a downside of country would be the type of songs. I feel like a lot of the country have the same sad story line and the sad beat. Another downfall could be that country music these days keep getting more pop beats and styles getting integrated into the songs. And the old style of country music is getting pushed more and more onto the back burner and for me that sucks as I like the old style of country music.

My favourite time of all, time to bash the pop music. One major thing for me would be the swears, especially today, more and more swears are being added into the songs and its viewed as “cool” to listen to songs with cursing and explicit meanings. Another downfall for me is the beats and autotune. For me, I feel like pop has more autotune and the beats I think are just to fast paced and all over the place for me. Its not bad in most songs I just see it happening in more of the songs today. I am fully aware that there is slow paced pop songs I just find the majority that is classified under the pop section have faster, louder beats with more and more explicit words.

That is all! Please remember that this is just my opinion on which one is better. So overall I like country better and probably always will. Don’t get me wrong I will listen to pop from time to time I just prefer country. I do encourage you to voice your opinion on these subjects, only  respectfully of course.


Love: Impossible

Love: Impossible

“It would never work, he probably doesn’t even know who you are.” I was pulled out of my stare by the bell. Jake Miller, I have had a crush on him since the first time in seen him in 3rd grade. As the years went by, he became more popular and I was left In the shadows.

Wait, this couldn’t be happening, Jake Miller was walking toward me with the weirdest smirk on his face. “Couldn’t help but see you staring!” Omg Jake had seen me staring. “ummm yeah sorry, I was kind of daydreaming.” He didn’t look convinced, but he shrugged it off. Next thing I knew Jake was giving me a piece of paper along with one of his smiles that lit up his whole face. I opened it with his eyes seeming to burn into my soul. It was an invitation to one of his parties. Jake Miller just invited me to one of his parties!! With that he gave me a wink and said, “be there.”

I texted by Bff Amy that very second. “Omg jake just invited me to one of his parties!!” she replied with, “Your Jake? As in 6 foot super popular, your biggest crush ever jake?” “Yes, that Jake, he caught me staring then came over with an invitation!” “omg Izzy good going!  I have to go or else I get detention.” I was beaming, maybe this could work out, Maybe I had a chance.

The music was booming, it hurt mt ears. As I entered Jakes totally awesome house, I started to question why I was even here. I wasn’t popular or even that pretty.  I wasn’t going home now though; I had put on my best lace top and my moms blue jeans. I entered the house and immidentley felt so out of place.  I decided to explore the house instead, I could feel; my anxiety building already and I needed to take a break so I headed for a spare bedroom where I could stay for awhile and clear my head.

“Jake?!, I’m so sorry, I will leave!” I had just walked into the very bedroom Jake was in, he has his hands on his head and he looked very distressed. “No, stay please! I need a distraction.” I stayed and walked over to the other end of the bed and took a seat. “Why are you in here? Don’t you have a party to host or something.” I asked. “Yeah, I was overwhelmed, I forgot to take my anxiety medication today.” He flinched as he said the last part. “I haven’t told anyone that before.” As he said that his eyes met mine, they looked pain and I couldn’t help but think there was a different reason he was here. “It’s ok I have the same thing.” I gave him a little smile and got up to leave but he grabbed my wrist. “Isabelle, right?” “yes, but please call me Izzy” I replied, my heart racing. “well then, Izzy thank you, I just needed to say that out loud.” With that I smiled again and left.

Jake had anxiety too! I didn’t know what but that made me feel a bit better. I tried to calm my racing heart as I made my way to my car. Why had he made me so panicked, he just grabbed my wrist.

A few more weeks passes since the party. Me and Jake were friends now and we hung out sometimes. He still made me nervous, but I was managing it. One day I was watering my mom’s flowers when jake rolled up” hey hope in I want to show you something!” He had driven me to the most beautiful ever. We sat under the large oak tree looking over the town. It was a sight to see.

“Why did you bring me here? I asked after a while of silence. “ I like you Izzy, I have for a while I just didn’t know how to tell you, so I brought you here.” He blushed “ Well I like you too, have for a while I just thought I was to odd for you.” Jake slide over so we were shoulder to shoulder. H e was close, to close my heart picked up speed as he turned to look at me. My cheeks were red I could tell. “ I should get home.” I said as we stood. I started walking but tripped on a root, Jake caught me,  I looked into his hazel eyes, they were intense but sparkling with laughter. I smelt his musky, citrus scent,  I put my hands on his chest helping push myself up, we were close once again, this time his lips were moving towards mine, I found myself leaning towards him, but he stopped millimeters before my lips. “ Just so you know, you were never to odd for me.” He smiled. Our lips collided, his breath was minty. I took in every moment of this kiss. His hands moved to my waist pulling me closer. I finally willed myself to break the kiss, I pulled him into a hug. That was the moment I realized this was were I needed to be. I needed to be in his arms surrounded by his breath taking scent, this was my place.



Endangered species

Endangered Species

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to slowly fade off the face of the earth? Probably not right? Well this is the sad reality for many of the animals in the world today. There are many species of animals that have already gone extinct, this is why us humans have to try our best to make sure this is not the reality for any more animals then it needs to be. I will now give you a list of the top 5 endangered species.

  1. Sumatran Rhino: There is less than 80 of these rhinos left in the wild today. There is no longer any of these animals left in Malaysia. The Sumatran Rhino has dropped 70% of their population in the last two decades due to poaching
  2. Javan Rhino: with just under 60 left in the wild, none, zero, zip of these rhinos left in the wild. Is it that sad. These rhinos should be living free in the wild, not cooped up in a cage, with the zoo being the only home they have ever known. The 60 of these rhinos now live in Ujung Kulon national park.
  3. Amur Leopard: With only 30 leopards living in the wild, the Amur Leopard is one of the most watched over species living in the wild. All the zoos in the entire world have a combined number of just 300 leopards. However you may think well that’s a lot, think, most of these leopards have never seen the wild where their ancestor lived.
  4. Indus Dolphin: With the 50% increase in numbers since 2001 the Indus river dolphin has reached a 1,816 population as of 2020 thanks to the local community helping out with the protection of these marine animals.
  5. Vaquita: This marine animal is considered the rarest marine animal in the world today. This aqua mammal has the population of 10, 10 of these animals left in the world. These animals have been rapidly decreasing in the last 2 years due to the increase in chlorinated pesticides and loose fishing nets. These animals are literally balancing life and death.

Kinda sad right? These animals are doing the best to thrive and live, but us humans have to come and stamp on everything with our poaching and littering. And remember we don’t want these animals living in zoos. We want them to live their life in the wild, not locked up in a cage, some of them have never and probably will never see the wild. I hope this gave you some information and a look on what is actually happening to animals today.


Sara watched out the window of her brand-new house as her parents drove away. They had just dropped her off and she was officially alone, although it did not really feel that way.

On the other side of the city stood 65-year-old Elizabeth. She was diagnosed with early Alzheimer’s during her 12-year jail sentence for second degree murder. Elizabeth was searching for any memories she had left but the only thing she could remember was 304 Oakwood Rd.

Sara had just returned from her first shopping trip as an “adult” when she turned the lock to her house and found it had already been unlocked. She remembered locking it but it must not have latched properly. She decided to brush it off. But what she could not brush off was the feeling that she just wasn’t alone.

Elizabeth had reached her destination, 304 Oakwood Rd, after wandering through just about every street in the city. No one looked home so she pulled out the key that was under a rock, unlocked the door and went in. Everything was different, all her past things were gone and replaced with other things, and she didn’t know whose things they were. Next thing she knew she heard keys jingling and she darted for the attic and quickly made her way up.

Sara was torn: she didn’t know if she was just feeling the first-time- alone jitters, or if her instincts were right.

Sara dialed 911. After a short conversation with the lady on the other end of the phone Sara felt embarrassed. The lady told Sara that if she hasn’t seen or heard anything they couldn’t send police down to her house. But the lady reassured her that the police station wasn’t far away and if she heard or saw anything they would be right over. Sara felt better, but she still needed to clear her head so she decided to go for a walk.

Elizabeth heard the door click closed and waited a while before daring to move. She was hungry and in need of food. She quietly made her way down the ladder and towards the kitchen. She didn’t know what any of this food; She had just started to open a can of corn when she heard a sound from behind her, she whipped around to see the girl standing behind her with a butter knife.

Sara stood petrified, she managed to grab a butter knife from the counter. “Who is this person and why is she in my house.?! Also, why is she laughing?” thought Sara to herself.

Elizabeth snickered, “You do know I went to jail for murder, I think, I will have no problem killing you too.” Elizabeth stepped back and started to look through the drawers until she pulled out a big butcher knife and held it strong in her hand.

“Sara, Sara”, her name echoed through her head, she needed to get out. She sprinted for the door knowing that the lady wouldn’t keep up. Suddenly, she felt a coursing pain in her arm so intense she lost consciousness.

Elizabeth had thrown the knife, it had gone hurtling through the air and sliced Sara`s arm, “ At least it didn’t kill her, wait, I cant let her get away, I can’t go back, I cant.”)

Sara woke up with her arm wrapped in gauze. “ Am I being held captive in my own house?” just as she dared to look at her injured arm the blood drained from her face as she noticed the lady with the butcher knife laying on the floor, lifeless, in a pool of her own blood.


Writer’s Workshop #3


             You know sloths are the lazy beast of the forest they have long claws and an ultra-strong grip and the ability to hold their pee for up to 2 weeks! Want to know more tune into the bottom

Fun Facts about Sloths

  • Did you know, all sloths have three toes, but two toed sloths have only two fingers.
  • Sloths are clumsy on land but are great swimmers.
  • Sloths only urinate/ defecate once a week!
  • Sloths defecate/ urinate in the same place every time making them vulnerable to predators.
  • A Sloths diet consists of mostly leaves which gives them energy and nutrition.
  • Sloths can maintain their grip after death.
  • Sloths primary predators are eagles, snakes and jaguars.
  • Sloths are nocturnal.
  • Female sloths are normally pregnant for 7-10 months and only give birth once.
  • Sloths can live up to 40 years. Sloths live in the trees of the tropical rain forests of South America and Central America.
  • Six species live there, and they are sorted in to two categories of two toes sloths and three toes sloths.

Weird but True Facts About Sloths

  • Sloths are related to their extinct cousin the giant ground sloth.
  • Sloths have horribly bad eyesight.
  • Female sloths scream when they want to mate.
  • Sloths have up to 4-inch-long claws
  • 3  toed sloths can turn their head 360 degrees
  • It takes 30 days for a sloth to digest on piece of food
  • Sloths can hold their breath for up to 40 minutes
  • 50% of sloths die on their way to the bathroom

I hope you all are very well educated on sloths and their life! See you next time.

The Feelings of Fall

The Feelings of Fall


As I stand among the pile of leaves and listen, I hear the crunching of the stale brown leaves that my brother is raking, and the chirp of the birds before they take their long journey south.

It’s now 6:00 and my brother is finally finished the leaves, I see my dog run across the yard after a poor unfortunate squirrel, I see the orange and yellow leaves trickle down the long rough bark of the old birch tree and the dark scary smoke coming from the house chimney.

I’ve been outside for quite some time; I sit down and feel the brown grass remembering that just weeks ago it used to be as green as an avocado. I feel the cool breeze on my face, ears and hands. It’s getting dark and my mom is calling me in.f I smell the molasses cookies that she is baking. I smell the honey sweet sap of the trees and the distant smell of autumn.

My mom calls again, she’s growing impatient. I don’t want to be raking leaves like my brother; so, I rush inside half in anticipation to not get in trouble and the other half to taste the sweet stickiness of the molasses cookies. I love fall time.