Hello and welcome back to another blog, how are you today?  I am pretty good. Today’s blog is going to be about Badminton! I actually love badminton and it is really fun so here are some tips and facts about badminton.


  1.  Badminton is the 2nd most popular sport in the world

  2. Badminton only recently became an Olympic sport.
  3. Badminton was originally called ”battledore and shuttlecock.”
  4. there is doubles. singles and mixed types of badminton.
  5. The record for the world’s shortest badminton match is only six minutes
  6. A Birdie weighs between 4.74 and 5.50 grams.


Don’t put your pointer finger up when holding a Badminton racket

when doing over head clears follow though

if playing doubles make sure to have one person cover the back and one person cover the front



I play Doubles with Madison he has been mentioned in a couple of my other blogs but just in case i will put her link at the end. Madison is a really good Badminton player i am luck to have her a a partner, if you want to know anything about over head clears shes the one to ask she is awesome at them.

Thank you for reading my blog, i hope you have a wonderful rest of your day





Hello and welcome back to another blog! In today’s blog i will be telling you about basketball.

This is what our logo looks like

So it is currently basket ball season and I am on the school’s female team are school’s name is the Vipers. Are team has only had one tournament so far which we went into with two practices, but for our first tournament we lot one 12-7 but we won the second game 12-6. We have a tournament coming up on Feb.6  and another one the day after ( Feb.7) divisional’s are on March.4 and  they are being held at our school. I play center but our point guard is going to be away both tournament days in February because of who knows what, so I am the only person on the team that can play point so the other center will just have play lots! I like playing point guard more than center but I am built more for center, even though I play center I still score most of our teams baskets. The people on my team from my class are Madison   

And Athena

Thank you guys for tuning into my blog this week! I hope you have a wonderful day and see you next week bye!