My writing

Hello and welcome back to another blog, in todays blog I will be giving short story summaries on my recently wrote stories for owl And if you dont know what owl is it is basically a program we do in our class for 6 weeks you choose a goal to complete and grow on, mine was writing short to medium stories.  So I am here to share what they were about.

Story 1: Love: Definitely

This was a second addition to my ” Love: Impossible” story. This was about the main characters Izzy and Jake get into an argument over the time they are spending with each other the attention they are receiving, Izzy ends up leaving in the heat of the argument, Jake comes up with a way to fix the issue and him and Izzy agree they should be more open about the relationship

Story 2: Mystery Boy

This was my absolute favourite story I wrote throughout the whole owl. It is about Zach and Katie who get wrongly kidnapped and trapped in the basement of 2 very mean men, they quickly become friends and eventually more than that They are tasked with trying to escape while helping each other through the journey, they eventually get out just not the way they expected

Story 3: The Dream

For this story I just kind of went off an idea, out of all my stories it is my least favourite It is about a young boy whos mom gets taken away, he is sent on an adventure to capture back a ruby in order to set his mom  free, little did he know that the strange dreams he had been having lately would come to use in his adventure.

Story 4: Love: Always

This is the 3rd and final addition to my ” Love: Impossible” series. The main idea is that Jake gets Ill and Izzy has to help him get through it, they end up in the hospital. I tried to plan it around the fact that they were learning how to cope on their own without their parents care to help guide them.

Story 5:  To love and to murder

This was a story I only wrote because Athena requested it. Basically the main idea is that the main character was cheated on not once but twice. She seeks revenge against ex- boyfriend and former bff. It ends… well it ends how you probably suspected it did.

Story 6: Without you

This Story, well it is about Natalie’s life after her first love Draco Malfoy dies, she is heart broken and left in despair, it tells a little bit of her story before he died, and yes. Yes I made myself cry while writing this, I dont know why I do this to myself.

Story 7: The Interview

For my 7th and final story i wrote a story about a very organized girl had a interview, the day goes downhill very quickly and ends up with her in a car accident. The rest of the day she takes a very strange trip down memory lane… literally

Thank you for reading my blog this week, if you want me to post some of the stories on here let me know in the comments.. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day. Bye!


Sad songs

Hello and welcome back to another blog, in todays blog I am going to be doing a playlist of my favourite songs to listen to if your sad, or of you need a good cry, or even if you just want to  listen to a good slow paced song. This the place, lets get started.

  1. Hold me while you wait- Lewis Capaldi
  2.  Hold on- Chord Overstreet
  3. Love Triangle- RaeLynn
  4. Burning House- Cam
  5. Whiskey Lullaby- Brad Paisley, Alison Krauss
  6. Peter Pan- Kelsea Ballerini
  7. Grew Apart- Logan Mize, Donovan Wood
  8. She- Jake Scott
  9. I Could Use a Love Song- Maren Morris
  10. Better Man- Little Big Town
  11. Rearview Town- Jason Aldean
  12. Yours- Jake Scott
  13. Chasing Cars- Snow Patrol
  14. Before You Go- Lewis Capaldi
  15. you broke me first- Tate McRae
  16. Train Wreck- James Arthur
  17. Be Alright- Dean Lewis
  18. You Say- Lauren Daigle
  19. All I Want- Olivia Rodrigo
  20. Half a Man- Dean Lewis
  21. Perfect- Ed Sheeran
  22. You Are The Reason- Calum Scott
  23. Already Gone- Sleeping At Last
  24. Dont give up on me- Andy Grammer
  25. Working for you- Jake Scott
  26. Drowning- Chris Young
  27. IDK you yet- Alexander 23
  28. Bruises- Lewis Capaldi
  29. Waves- Dean Lewis
  30. Happiest Year- Jaymes Young
  31. Get you to the moon- Kina, Snow
  32. Time- NF
  33. drivers license- Olivia Rodrigo
  34. Out of Love- Alessia Cara
  35. Happier- Ed Sheeran
  36. Wasting All These Tears- Cassadee Pope
  37. Lost Boy- Ruth.B
  38. Lost In The Moment- NF, Andreas Moss
  39. Walk With Me- Bella Thorne
  40. Leave a Light on- Tom Walker
  41. July- Noah Cyrus
  42. One Day- Tate McRae
  43. Dusk Till Dawn- ZAYN, Sia
  44. When you love someone- James TW
  45. See You Again- Wiz Khalifa, Charlie Puth
  46. hate u, love u- Olivia O’Brien
  47. Supermarket Flowers- Ed Sheeran
  48. Broken- Isak Danielson
  49. Sad Song- We The Kings, Elena Coats
  50. Someday- Kygo, Zac Brown

If you made it this far…. Good Job! thank you for reading or just skimming past my blog, anywayas see you next time. Bye!


My fears

Hello and welcome back to another blog, in todays blog I am going to be talking bout the things that scare me the most, so if your a sibling, then listen up your about to get the best ways to scare me.

Ok number one is when my dad is quiet. so if any of you know my dad you know that he likes to talk…… a lot, and it scares me when he is quiet. It scares me because something is either  wrong or hes sad/hurt. Personally I like that he talks a lot because we have good communication between the two of us. I would defiantly have hard time not talking to my dad because he is very supportive and funny and I just like talking to him.

Number two is being useless to my family, this isn’t really a fear but more like a think that disappoints me if it were to happen. I love helping, I love being useful and I love putting in effort and seeing a reward. I like to be useful to my family because they all work so hard and out everything into what they do, and in todays generation escpeocally people are getting off with doing less and less work and still getting the reward and this really bothers me.

The next two and three are kind of stupid but oh well, They are the fear of elevators and the fear of airplanes. ok so for the elevators I just have no clue why but every time I get on one my breath gets shallow and I can barley breath. its just something about them that I cant deal with. And the airplanes.. I’ve been on one once, just once and I hated it, I felt like I was going to die and I had a panic attack from overthinking. I am fine with little planes though, I have been up in my uncles crop duster lots of times and have been fine which is really weird.

Now i will just list a couple things i fear.

  1. being watched ( in a creepy way)
  2. losing all my friends/family
  3. untidiness
  4. painfully dyeing
  5. loosing everything I work for
  6. failure
  7. total darkness
  8. falling through the ice

Ok that is about it, I have a couple more but they are very specific so yeah, I hope you guys enjoyed my blog! here is a link to madies blog to is doing a back to school blog!!


My Favourites

Hello and welcome back to another blog, in today i am going to be blogging about my favourite things. My favourite sports, foods, colours, seasons, etc. Lets get started.

We are going to start off with my favourite sports! So my favourite sports to watch are hockey and baseball. but my favourite sports to play are volleyball and baseball and basketball. I like playing all sports but these ones are just extra fun for me! For volleyball I play middle and sometimes setter if we are short or if the set setter (haha tongue twister) is away. For baseball I play pitcher and first baseman, or would you say first basewoman. sorry I will stop with the horrible dad jokes.

Ok my next is my favourite colours! Ok so this probably makes no sense but I love colour I like all of the vibrant colours and different ends of the spectrum. But I dont like wearing vibrant colours, I dont like wearing vibrant colours because I don’t really think they fit my skin tone and its not really things I like to wear. but my top two favourite colours would have to be yellow and violet or purple.

Ok and on to the next which is my favourite animal. Ok so I really love cows, like I really love them they are awesome and cool and everything but they aren’t my all time favourite. to be honest I dont really have a favourite but some animals that are up there on my list are cows, giraffes, sloths, llamas, sea turtle ( my spirit animal).

So I really wanted to do a favourite foods category but that is hard! I like lots of types of food so I have no clue which one is my favourite, so like the animals I will do the ones that are on the top. ok so we got lasagna, fettuccini, steak, ok this is too hard so I just like food in general ok?

So we got s speed round before we end this blog so lets go! My favourite season is fall, favourite type of truck is Chevy, favourite subject is science, favourite book is the divergent series ( so far that is ). ok that is it for todays blog, I hope you enjoyed it! go check out madie and Athena’s blogs next! bye!

About Me

Hello and welcome back to another blog, in todays blog I am going to be doing a blog ” about me”. I did one of these last year so I wanted to do and updated one this year with the same kind of answers to see if I changed at all lol, so lets get started.

Ok I am going to start by addressing the ” Farm girl, Tomboy” question. Yes I classify myself as a farm girl, I feel like last year I didn’t do as much farm work as I do this year so that makes me say yes im definetley a farm girl! But as far as the tomboy thing im actually not sure. What do you guys think am I more a girly girl or a tomboy.

I still work on the farm on weekends and after school sometimes, what was really good later last year to early this year was we had online school so I could just sit down and do 1-2 hours of work then spend the rest of the day at the farm!! We still travel for my brothers hockey ( I still like playing goalie btw) but this year I am doing Ukrainian dance.

This year I figured I would give you some facts about me so here we go

  1. my favourite show rn is the office
  2.  I am 13
  3. I have braces
  4. I still have 1 dog ( unless you count farm dogs)
  5. I have the best BFFs ever
  6. my favourite colour is yellow
  7. I LOVE country music
  8. I was born in May
  9. My favourite song right now is  ” How they remember you – Rascal Flatts “
  10. I absolutely LOVE Christmas

well that is the end of my blog, I hope you guys enjoyed my blog!! the link is to my ” about me ” from  last year. I hope you guys have an awesome rest of you day. bye!


20 Random Facts About Me

Hello everyone and welcome back to another blog, in today’s blog I am going to be doing 20 facts about me,so let’s get started.

  1.  I have read the first two books in the Hunger Games series.
  2. I have cocker spaniel dog.
  3. I wear Cover Girl mascara
  4.  I LOVE doing stationary.
  5. I live in Canada.
  6.  I am building a house.
  7. I have Watermelon flavored gum.
  8. My favourite colour is Yellow.
  9. My book list is 3 pages long.
  10. I have braces.
  11. We have a world globe in our class room.
  12. I have a stuffed horse.
  13. I’m reading a book that costs $11.99.
  14. I tell the temperature in Degrees Celsius.
  15. I skip in Curling.
  16. I do dance
  17. I work on a family farm( on weekends).
  18. my earrings have Stars on them.
  19. I do Track.
  20. I’ve been to Costco, where cart rage runs free

Thank you guys so much for reading my blog, I hope you have a nice day!


About Me

Hi, my name Is Ava and I know I  know i’m really late I think that your supposed to do “about me’s “at the beginning but not me, I am doing it know and i’m making a categorie that is all about myself. But enough talk about myself lets talk about myself. ( lol)


A lot of people describe me as a farm girl or a Tom Boy I don’t disagree I mean i’m not a girly  girl heck to the no, but I don’t really like to dress to fancy, my main styles are comfy cozy and casual ( later blog to come). Lets talk about me. I am 12 years old, born in May and live in a small town in Manitoba. I go to a public school and have a couple of friends I will link the blogs at the end.


I like to be creative and love to learn new things i am a farm girl we have a family farm and I work on the farm on free weekends and after school sometimes.  I really like to play hockey goalie for my brother and apparently i’m really good.  We travel almost every weekend for his hockey but that’s OK because we have a short drive to our town were he plays ( we live in the country by the way.) and if the games are far away we have them normally in the middle of the day. some sport i also can play really well and that i love are volleyball, Basketball, soccer and baseball. I also really like to go skating in the winter.


I have 1 dog at home unless you count the 3 farm dogs then 4 but that will come in another  blog. Here are some link to my friends blogs. Bye, have a nice day!!! (: