My Friends

Hello and welcome back to another blog, in todays blog I am going to be blogging about my two befriends Madie and Athena.

You may remember that earlier this year I made a blog about them so I am just going to be doing another one that is more updated and more updated pictures as well. I think even though this year we weren’t aloud to have sleepovers or anything I think we have defiantly grown closer, this year are motto was just to live life to the fullest and since it is our last year in this school we want to make the most of it.

Athena: Athena has just a positive personality, she is always looking for the bright in ever situation and just making my day. Athena is also the type of person who is kind and respectful and loving to everyone but boy if you cross her or say anything bad about me or Madie, just start running, go and dont stop till your in Africa.

Madie: Madie is just so funny, she is always cracking jokes and trying to lighten the mood. I wouldn’t really say Madie is as positive as Athena but you do you girl! I really like how Madie is most of the time smiling and just making you feel so appreciated, when I say most of the time, when she’s in a mad mood just lock yourself in a closet till she’s done cause boy she can have a temper.

All in all I am just so grateful for these two, they can always and I mean always bring a smile to my face and lighten the mood, I feel really bad for everyone else in room 16 cause they have to listen to our constant laughing and horrible jokes. Anyways thank you for reading my blog and I hope you have wonderful rest of your day and a great weekend, bye!

Calving Season

Hello and welcome backĀ  to another blog, in todays blog I am going to be talking about what calving season on the farm looks like and how we go about things.

Ok so this year is defiantly a bit different because of the crazy weather we have been having, this weather really isn’t good for the calves because they can get cold easily when they are young and that can cause phenomena. Most of the cows are good mothers and when it is windy they will tell their calves to stay somewhere warm or they will lay in front of the calf and block the wind. Sometimes if you have a heifer ( first calver) or a second calver they will not yet know to do that for their calf for in that case we have to keep a close eye and bring them into the barn if they are really new.

As far as tagging goes on a normal year with good weather we would tag the calf after they are a couple hours old, but with the cold weather we have to think about the risk that is their ears freezing. The process of tagging is generally a one man job but it is far easier with 2 people. When we are having 20 calves a day we cant afford to have my uncle and my dad in one ranger so we have both of them out tagging calves to insure no mix ups or issues with the mothers. When you tag we first check to see if they have horns, if they do we apply a de-horning paste which just kind of eats away the bone tissues since it is still soft( ish), it burns a little but but it subsides after awhile. We then check to see if it is a heifer or a steer, if its a steer we put on a ring to their manhood to make sure they stay a steer not a bull, if a heifer we do nothing in that department. We then give them two needles one in the front triangle which rangers from the back of their shoulder blade and runs in a triangle in that area, the other goes on the hind quarter somewhere. Next we give the tag which hold the calf’s number and year letter ( example: 45G) and the mothers number and year letter.

Most of the time things go good, the mother excepts the calf and there no problems but sometimes the mother doesn’t except the calf or the calf is a little slow and doesn’t want to suck on its own. In a case like this we will put them in a pen and we will work with the cow and calf pair, helping the calf suck or making the mother be nicer to her calf. Sometimes a mother had twins, most of the time we let the cow keep one and we take the other one and give it to a good mother who lost her calf, however if it is a good mother who is capable of raising two calves properly ( most mothers cant raise two calves in a way that is healthy for her or her calves) we let the mother raise both.

That is the end of my blog! I hope you enjoyed it and understand a little bit more what me and my family do on the farm. Have a great weekend and a wonderful rest of your day, Bye!

Harry Potter characters Pt2

Hello and welcome back to another blog, in todays blog I will be doing my favourite Harry Potter characters pt.2. I loved doing the first one so here I am back to do another one. Again here is your warning SPOILERS, please I beg you if you are planning to read the series please skip over this blog, I would hate to spoil anything in this amazing series, but now I have said that on to the blog.

1. Harry Potter: Yes, the chosen one, the boy who lived, whatever you prefer to call him that is who I am doing. When I say I feel horrible for him that is an understatement. Harry had gone through so much trauma and loss and it started all at a terribly young age, I am so glad that Ron and Hermione stuck with him as that way he did have people that he loved to help him endure his battle and be there for him.

2.Ron Weasley: I love Ron, for me at least his character goes right alongside with the word comfort, this may not be the case for some people but that is how it is for me. I think one of the biggest thing that Ron taught me was that you dont need to be the center of attention to succeed. Due to his many siblings he kind of got overlooked often and the success’s of his brother kind of weighed on him but in the end he did succeed and was a great wizard, father, and husband.

3. Neville Longbottom: At the beginning of the series I didn’t really think too much of Neville, I kind of thought of him just as a coward but now I understand. Neville taught me that everyone no matter who you are has bravery, it just takes some people longer to find it. I feel as this describes him perfectly as over time and his character built he became braver and slaying the snake kind of just finalized it in my opinion.

4. Remus Lupin: Remus was a very crucial part of the story for me, hes not the most special or biggest part but in my opinion he played a big role. Remus was often weighed down my doubt or fear and that kind of took a big impact on his life, I also feel for him as he watched his childhood best friend ( Sirius black) die right in front of him and I felt absolutely horrible while reading and watching that part.

5. Luna Lovegood: I just love Luna, I love how she just went along and did her own thing trying to care what others thought. I also feel very bad for her and she got teased to the end of the earth for this quality about herself, she gained the nickname ” loony” and everyone though she was weird and very different. I believe that Luna had the fear of being someone she wasn’t and that is why she tried so hard to be herself and not care and I admire this about her but also feel bad as it must be hard to keep that up throughout all the teasing.

That’s all, thank you for reading my blog this week, I hope you have a great rest of your day and an even better weekend Bye!