Hello, welcome back to another blog! In todays blog i am going to be blogging about Christmas.

I love Christmas, there is really nothing i hate about this time of year, ok maybe one thing… we don’t have enough snow days. That’s it, that is my only complaint. Ok lets get on to my favourite things about the Christmas season.

Ok the first one would just be like mood or the Christmas spirit. I just love how most people are jolly and very one just kinda has a lightness, a bounce in their step around this time of the year.

I also really like buying presents! I just love to see the surprise on my family and friends faces when they open there Christmas present. I especially  love to see the surprise on my dads face when he watches us open our presents, he has just the same amount of awe as we do as he probably didn’t know half of what my mom bought.

I also jus love, genuinely love the smell of Christmas. The molasses cookies, hot cocoa, sugar cookie dough ugh just amazing!! However the Christmas baking doesn’t last very long in our house, with a cookie loving dad and 2 vulture siblings i have to practically go to the ends of the earth to find a spot where they wont find the baking!

Some of my favourite things to bake around Christmas time are.. Sugar cookies, peanut  butter balls,  salted caramel bark, Yule log cake, shortbread cookies, , peanut butter marshmallow squares ( my dads all time favourite), gingerbread man, molasses cookies, peppermint sandwich cookies and lots more.

Well this is the end of my blog for this week, i hope you liked it and i really hope you have a wonderful Christmas season also by the time you are seeing this it is the last Thursday in November! Bye!

Athenas interview 2020

Hello and welcome back to another blog, in todays blog like maddies I am going to be doing an updated  interview with my other wonderful friend Athena. Let’s get started

Q: What is your favourite food?

A: Fettichini and breadsticks ( evil smile ) olive golden salad( maddie yells for Athena to be quiet)

Q: What is your least favourite food?

A: I don’t really have least favourite, no chilli if its to spicy

Q: What your favourite animal?

A: A gecko

Q: What is your biggest fear?

A: umm planes, because I think they are going to fly then crash and we are going to die

Q: What’s your favourite colour?

A: Blue, i like blue any kind of blue

Q: Do you like school?

A: Sometimes

Q: Are you scared for high school?

A: No


Thank you for reading my blog, I hope you have a good day. Here Is a link to a athenas blog, bye!


Madison Interview 2020

Hello everyone and welcome back to any other blog, in todays blog I am going to be doing a updates interview with the wonderful Madison.

Q: What is your Favourite food?

A:  Just food in general or no no that’s not my answer like a desert, ok my favourite food would probably be, wait I’m trying to think um I like watermelon wait cantaloupe

Q: What is your least favourite food?

A: olives, I hate olives they are disgusting so gross.

Q: What is your favourite sport?

A: badminton

Q: What is your biggest fear?

A: my biggest fear is its not heights, it falling from heights, its not heights its falling from heights, or its spenders they scare the living crap out of me.

Q:  What is your favourite subject in school?

A: ummm ok if it’s like actually academic it’s E.l.a and maybe math but math is hard sometimes

Q: Do you like or dislike school?

A: I like school!

Q: What’s your favourite pastry?

A: you know those crepe puffs from costco, those are really good or are you talking like just a dessert, my favourite dessert is probably ummmm ice cream cake or vanilla cupcakes!!

Thank you so much for reading my blog this week, I hope you have a good day. He is a link to Maddies blog.



Books you need to read ASAP

Hello and welcome back to another blog, in todays blog I am going to be blogging about books you need to read right away. So lets get started

1. The divergent series – Divergent, Insurgent, Allegient   This book series is soooooo good I literally could not put these books down I read all the book in about 5 days ( they average 3–450 pages each). I am not going to do a description on any of these cause I will definitely give the books away

2. Brave new girl and strange new world – these are both really good books, these books take place in a world where everyone has a look alike and thy all have certain jobs and ways they act until one acts up risking the life of all of her look alikes.

3. Allies – this is a war type book that goes through different characters experience in the same war, I love these type of books because I not only learn lots of stuff from these books I just am able to get into  them really easily

4. The hunger games series – this is also a page turner series, its about the 12 districts having to have one girl and one boy each go to the hunger games and only one kid comes out alive of 24 competitors.

5. Precious bones – this book took me awhile to get into but once I got into it I couldn’t put it down, it was just a book I thought I wouldn’t like but ended up really likening it.

For the books I didn’t put a description I’m sorry I couldn’t put one without spoiling the book or books, I hope you enjoyed my bog and have a wonderful rest of your day. Here is a link to Marie’s blog she has read most of these books.