Athena’s interview

hey guys welcome back today i am going to be starting a new categorize and it is interview. This is where i will eventually interview everyone in my class but first is Athena so here we go.

This blog is a interview on food so here’s Athena,

Question: hat is your favorite food😊?

Response: My favorite food is spaghetti.

Question: why do you like spaghetti?

Response: because its easy to make and i can make it and it has a really good flavor to it!

Question: What is your least favorite food🤢?

Response:  Hmm let me think (lip smack) i hate cooked carrots and pickled carrots i hate them😫.

Question: What is your favorite pastry🤤?

Response: Carrot cake and mini doughnuts🍩!

Question: what is your least favorite pastry:

Response: ( weird face) tiny white cupcakes from chap-mans i mean don’t put chap-mans they probably aren’t fro there so  just say a tiny cupcake store!

OK thank you for my blog see you next week thank you Athena her link is in other blogs.



3 thoughts on “Athena’s interview

  1. I like that you went with the idea of the interview but I’m going to pick on you about one thing… You’re using American spelling.sorry to pick on it but I’m a bit of a word nerd but that’s not a bad thing to be when you’re a teacher.

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