Athena’s interview

hey guys welcome back today i am going to be starting a new categorize and it is interview. This is where i will eventually interview everyone in my class but first is Athena so here we go.

This blog is a interview on food so here’s Athena,

Question: hat is your favorite food😊?

Response: My favorite food is spaghetti.

Question: why do you like spaghetti?

Response: because its easy to make and i can make it and it has a really good flavor to it!

Question: What is your least favorite food🤢?

Response:  Hmm let me think (lip smack) i hate cooked carrots and pickled carrots i hate them😫.

Question: What is your favorite pastry🤤?

Response: Carrot cake and mini doughnuts🍩!

Question: what is your least favorite pastry:

Response: ( weird face) tiny white cupcakes from chap-mans i mean don’t put chap-mans they probably aren’t fro there so  just say a tiny cupcake store!

OK thank you for my blog see you next week thank you Athena her link is in other blogs.



The Trumpet

Welcome back to another blog, this weeks blog is about my trumpet. I got my trumpet about 2 weeks ago and so far i can play the first 5 notes( I’m still working on G) which are C, D, E,F,G. Playing the trumpet is really fun sometimes it can be a bit stressful and want to throw it across the room, fear not it will get better and with some guidance from your teacher you will be playing in no time! Some tricks i have for you are: 1. Learn the correct way to blow into the trumpet before playing it for real 2. Once you get the trumpet quickly learn how to hold it properly so you get into a good habit and your fingers will automatically go in the right place. once you’ve finished those you can learn the fingering and learn how to play different notes.


Helping Hacks:

everyone gets a little frustrated and when that happens her are some things to help you get through it.

  1. Step away, none is going to get mad if you need to step away for a little while ask to go get some water or ask for a walk too help get your mind of your trumpet for awhile.
  2. Blow, if you just cant make a sound put your trumpet away, take out your hand and focus on blowing right into the palm this will help get your air focused for when you have to blow into the trumpet for real.
  3. Practice, After band practice take a break don’t pay anymore that day but the next day practice for a bit( 15 minutes about) recall what you did in band class, next day take a break recover and again practice ( about 15 minutes) what you did in band lass keep this schedule going until  next band class when you learn something new do the same routine this will help you a lot throughout your beginner years.

That’s the end of my blog this week i would like to thank Gayoung for suggesting this blog. Gayoung is also great at flute

I would also like to thank Susan  for helping me through the rough she is as well a beginner band student only she is super good and better then me in my mind. Anyway that’s my blog and i hope you liked it. Bye!



The Feelings of Fall

The Feelings of Fall


As I stand among the pile of leaves and listen, I hear the crunching of the stale brown leaves that my brother is raking, and the chirp of the birds before they take their long journey south.

It’s now 6:00 and my brother is finally finished the leaves, I see my dog run across the yard after a poor unfortunate squirrel, I see the orange and yellow leaves trickle down the long rough bark of the old birch tree and the dark scary smoke coming from the house chimney.

I’ve been outside for quite some time; I sit down and feel the brown grass remembering that just weeks ago it used to be as green as an avocado. I feel the cool breeze on my face, ears and hands. It’s getting dark and my mom is calling me in.f I smell the molasses cookies that she is baking. I smell the honey sweet sap of the trees and the distant smell of autumn.

My mom calls again, she’s growing impatient. I don’t want to be raking leaves like my brother; so, I rush inside half in anticipation to not get in trouble and the other half to taste the sweet stickiness of the molasses cookies. I love fall time.

Farm life

Hello and welcome back to another blog this weeks blog is going to be about Farm life. A big thanks to my friend Athena for suggesting this blog post( link at the end of of the blog). Another quick reminder if you want to help me out post ideas on my quick blog it will help me and i will leave your blog at the end so people can find you, but with no more rambling on its time for my blog.


Farm life is the best don’t you think. I think so anyway, lots of people don’t  have a farm or live in the country so I’m here to tell you all about what we do here on the farm.


First off i start the day with a breakfast that will hold me over till lunch, then i head out to start the day i usually go and do the chores in the barn first which consists of 1. feeding the cats 2. giving the old chicken feed and filling up there water if they need more and picking the eggs  3. going to the young chicken and searching  the pen for eggs( because they haven’t quite figured out how to make a nest yet) 4. giving the piglets food and in winter filling up there water trough 5. running the eggs to the house.


After i’m finished with the chores i go and see my horse his name is Tango he’s really sweet and gentle. After i’m done with him i go with my Gigi or uncle and go to feed the cows my job is hooking up the trailer and taking the protective net off the bales so the cows don’t eat it! We have about three pastures to feed. By the time we are finished with its already time for lunch!


I don’t really have a set job for the rest of the day i normally just hang around the yard playing with the dogs or my brother and sister. I really just do a chores or tasks that my family gives me to keep busy throughout the day.

So how did you like my blog this week? Here is Athena’s blog link like i promised

see you next week. Bye!