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Honour Blog

That is the Link to Susan’s blog, I really like the way Susan writes her blog and how she shows pictures! The pictures are super engaging and help you get a  better understanding of the topic. ( in this case how to fold origami boxes) Susan also has very clear instructions which makes it easy to follow and help you along the way. Susan is a very good writer and I think you should definetley check out her blog(s)

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Recently Read Books

Hello and welcome back to another blog, in todays blog I am going to be talking about/ reviewing the more recent books I have read or am currently reading. Lets get into it!

The Bridge From Me to You:  I really liked this book, the chapter were super short which allowed it to be a quick read and it just hooked you and wouldn’t let go. This book I admit wasn’t the best writing but it was kind of a refresher for me since it had a happy ending and I’ve been reading sadder books lately. I think this would be a good book to get you out of a reading slump because as I said before its a page turner. Half way through the book a big plot twist happened and I was like ” what, no!” so I got sad but I just kept reading and it turned out ok in the end which is good.

The Summer I Turned Pretty: This book was actually very good! I didn’t realize it was a series of three books so when I finished the first one I was cursing myself for not having the other two. I also flew through this book with anticipation for the end and how it is going to turn out, not going to lie the ending was kind of confusing but it was a good confusing I think, I did cry but only because I read into the second book ( only a couple pages in the back of the book) and expected something sad to happen and I was correct with my assumption.

Four ( a divergent collection): Some people may have heard of this book but in case you haven’t it is just a life story of one of the main characters ( four) life before the books took place. So this book wasn’t really sad per say but the whole time I was reading it I just kept playing the events of the other books over and over in my head and it made me really sad because the ending of the book was sad! I was thinking about fours life after the ending of the divergent series as well and just dont do that! just dont!

We Were Liars: Where do I even start with this book! The plot twist!!!!Oh my lord the plot twist is so huge you will be sitting in shock ( probably crying) in you room at like 12:00am just thinking about the events of the book and bout her and Gat and awwww Gat! This book not only had a very large plot twist but you want so many answers and it seems like there is just not enough time for the book to answer them all and it keeps you aware of everything, when I say you have to pay attention while reading this one, you really do.

Harry Potter- POA: Just in case you didn’t know POA stands for Prisoner of Azkaban. So this is like my 100th time reading this book and the plot twists and magical feelings still seem to catch e by surprise, I shouldn’t be surprised at this point as I know what is going to happen and such but I still feel and magic and awe when I read it now then when I read it the first time.

A Walk to Remember: I actually read this a little while ago but I really wanted to put it in here. This book was nothing like anything I have ever read,  I mean in the way it was based around Christianity and that isn’t really my cup of tea. This book was full of wonder of what will happen or if it will happen like I wanted it too. I cried. In the end it did turn out how I wanted it too but in the very end I was sobbing. At the beginning of the book i was kind of wondering why the title was ” a walk to remember” as it didn’t have anything to do with the story AT THE TIME, but now I look back at it and it almost brings me to tears.

Ok that is the end of my blog this week, thank you for reading it and I hope you have a wonderful rest of you day and a great weekend, Bye!


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My Friends

Hello and welcome back to another blog, in todays blog I am going to be blogging about my two befriends Madie and Athena.

You may remember that earlier this year I made a blog about them so I am just going to be doing another one that is more updated and more updated pictures as well. I think even though this year we weren’t aloud to have sleepovers or anything I think we have defiantly grown closer, this year are motto was just to live life to the fullest and since it is our last year in this school we want to make the most of it.

Athena: Athena has just a positive personality, she is always looking for the bright in ever situation and just making my day. Athena is also the type of person who is kind and respectful and loving to everyone but boy if you cross her or say anything bad about me or Madie, just start running, go and dont stop till your in Africa.

Madie: Madie is just so funny, she is always cracking jokes and trying to lighten the mood. I wouldn’t really say Madie is as positive as Athena but you do you girl! I really like how Madie is most of the time smiling and just making you feel so appreciated, when I say most of the time, when she’s in a mad mood just lock yourself in a closet till she’s done cause boy she can have a temper.

All in all I am just so grateful for these two, they can always and I mean always bring a smile to my face and lighten the mood, I feel really bad for everyone else in room 16 cause they have to listen to our constant laughing and horrible jokes. Anyways thank you for reading my blog and I hope you have wonderful rest of your day and a great weekend, bye!

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Calving Season

Hello and welcome back  to another blog, in todays blog I am going to be talking about what calving season on the farm looks like and how we go about things.

Ok so this year is defiantly a bit different because of the crazy weather we have been having, this weather really isn’t good for the calves because they can get cold easily when they are young and that can cause phenomena. Most of the cows are good mothers and when it is windy they will tell their calves to stay somewhere warm or they will lay in front of the calf and block the wind. Sometimes if you have a heifer ( first calver) or a second calver they will not yet know to do that for their calf for in that case we have to keep a close eye and bring them into the barn if they are really new.

As far as tagging goes on a normal year with good weather we would tag the calf after they are a couple hours old, but with the cold weather we have to think about the risk that is their ears freezing. The process of tagging is generally a one man job but it is far easier with 2 people. When we are having 20 calves a day we cant afford to have my uncle and my dad in one ranger so we have both of them out tagging calves to insure no mix ups or issues with the mothers. When you tag we first check to see if they have horns, if they do we apply a de-horning paste which just kind of eats away the bone tissues since it is still soft( ish), it burns a little but but it subsides after awhile. We then check to see if it is a heifer or a steer, if its a steer we put on a ring to their manhood to make sure they stay a steer not a bull, if a heifer we do nothing in that department. We then give them two needles one in the front triangle which rangers from the back of their shoulder blade and runs in a triangle in that area, the other goes on the hind quarter somewhere. Next we give the tag which hold the calf’s number and year letter ( example: 45G) and the mothers number and year letter.

Most of the time things go good, the mother excepts the calf and there no problems but sometimes the mother doesn’t except the calf or the calf is a little slow and doesn’t want to suck on its own. In a case like this we will put them in a pen and we will work with the cow and calf pair, helping the calf suck or making the mother be nicer to her calf. Sometimes a mother had twins, most of the time we let the cow keep one and we take the other one and give it to a good mother who lost her calf, however if it is a good mother who is capable of raising two calves properly ( most mothers cant raise two calves in a way that is healthy for her or her calves) we let the mother raise both.

That is the end of my blog! I hope you enjoyed it and understand a little bit more what me and my family do on the farm. Have a great weekend and a wonderful rest of your day, Bye!

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Harry Potter characters Pt2

Hello and welcome back to another blog, in todays blog I will be doing my favourite Harry Potter characters pt.2. I loved doing the first one so here I am back to do another one. Again here is your warning SPOILERS, please I beg you if you are planning to read the series please skip over this blog, I would hate to spoil anything in this amazing series, but now I have said that on to the blog.

1. Harry Potter: Yes, the chosen one, the boy who lived, whatever you prefer to call him that is who I am doing. When I say I feel horrible for him that is an understatement. Harry had gone through so much trauma and loss and it started all at a terribly young age, I am so glad that Ron and Hermione stuck with him as that way he did have people that he loved to help him endure his battle and be there for him.

2.Ron Weasley: I love Ron, for me at least his character goes right alongside with the word comfort, this may not be the case for some people but that is how it is for me. I think one of the biggest thing that Ron taught me was that you dont need to be the center of attention to succeed. Due to his many siblings he kind of got overlooked often and the success’s of his brother kind of weighed on him but in the end he did succeed and was a great wizard, father, and husband.

3. Neville Longbottom: At the beginning of the series I didn’t really think too much of Neville, I kind of thought of him just as a coward but now I understand. Neville taught me that everyone no matter who you are has bravery, it just takes some people longer to find it. I feel as this describes him perfectly as over time and his character built he became braver and slaying the snake kind of just finalized it in my opinion.

4. Remus Lupin: Remus was a very crucial part of the story for me, hes not the most special or biggest part but in my opinion he played a big role. Remus was often weighed down my doubt or fear and that kind of took a big impact on his life, I also feel for him as he watched his childhood best friend ( Sirius black) die right in front of him and I felt absolutely horrible while reading and watching that part.

5. Luna Lovegood: I just love Luna, I love how she just went along and did her own thing trying to care what others thought. I also feel very bad for her and she got teased to the end of the earth for this quality about herself, she gained the nickname ” loony” and everyone though she was weird and very different. I believe that Luna had the fear of being someone she wasn’t and that is why she tried so hard to be herself and not care and I admire this about her but also feel bad as it must be hard to keep that up throughout all the teasing.

That’s all, thank you for reading my blog this week, I hope you have a great rest of your day and an even better weekend Bye!

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Country VS Pop

I am here to voice my opinion on the music I listen to, and why you should listen to it as well. In my opinion I think that country is better than pop. Ok, ok I see how this could be a heated discussion, so before you make up your mind, just let me try to change your mind ok?

So, I know everyone has a different opinion on country music so here’s mine. I really like country because it is easy on the ears to listen to. Either your happy, sad, angry, jealous, there is a song(s) that will fill that need. I especially like it because its easy on the ears. It is not screeching loudly or putting you in the wrong mood at the wrong time. Country is just nice and chill, but it can be uplifting and fun at times as well. I just also find country singers (whether man or woman) voices so much more soothing and natural as oppose to pop singers. This may not be true in all cases but for the most part that is my observations and opinion.

I will now be talking about the difference between pop and country and how I tell the difference. So, for the most part, country music has slower paced instruments and (in my opinion) have lyrics with deeper meaning. Country music, however, is mostly sad. Whether it’s being a breakup, a death or a split, most times its sad. I am not saying it always is though! Now for Pop. Pop is often more of a faster pace; the music is often louder and can be used to get into a good or motivated mood. For me, pop is a happier style and more upbeat, it can also be relaxing at times.

It’s now time to lay the smack down on how country music may not be so fantastic. For me, a downside of country would be the type of songs. I feel like a lot of the country have the same sad story line and the sad beat. Another downfall could be that country music these days keep getting more pop beats and styles getting integrated into the songs. And the old style of country music is getting pushed more and more onto the back burner and for me that sucks as I like the old style of country music.

My favourite time of all, time to bash the pop music. One major thing for me would be the swears, especially today, more and more swears are being added into the songs and its viewed as “cool” to listen to songs with cursing and explicit meanings. Another downfall for me is the beats and autotune. For me, I feel like pop has more autotune and the beats I think are just to fast paced and all over the place for me. Its not bad in most songs I just see it happening in more of the songs today. I am fully aware that there is slow paced pop songs I just find the majority that is classified under the pop section have faster, louder beats with more and more explicit words.

That is all! Please remember that this is just my opinion on which one is better. So overall I like country better and probably always will. Don’t get me wrong I will listen to pop from time to time I just prefer country. I do encourage you to voice your opinion on these subjects, only  respectfully of course.


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Spring Break

I could not be happier today It is not only a Friday but it is the Friday right before spring break!! I love Fridays to begin with but the Friday before a 9 days break just hits different. Anyways… in todays blog I am going to be talking about what im doing over spring break.

So for the most part I will probably just hang  out with my Nanny and Papa since this is the first time we have seen them since June!! They went through the whole 2 week quarantine thing and now we can see them. I was super sad because at one point we couldn’t see either of our grandparents, even though two of them live right down the road we weren’t supposed to see them because of the rules. And even when they opened the rules a little were were able to see them but not my Nanny and Papa since they live all the way in B.C. Manitoba has been super strict on the rules and travel and locking EVERYTHING down which really sucks as the other provinces do the same thing but that extreme.

Over the spring break I will probably spent lots of time on the farm as well. for me, one of the most annoying things on a weekend or extra long break is that the days go by sooooooo slowly. So if I go to the farm I at least have something to do to keep me busy until at least 12:00, and after I help my dad with the chores I can go visit with my other grandparents. I also really want to start helping even more on the farm I love helping and feeling accomplished. I also know that my dad needs help from time to time. This year I plan to start tagging calves if not on my own then with my dad or uncle, I actually love doing that.

This spring break I also plan on doing lots of reading and baking, both of these things just help me clear my head and get calm. After all it is called spring break so I see this as another time to just unwind and get some time off to do things that I love to do.  I will most likely be outside lots, spring time is just a wonderful time of year to be outside and just take in the mild weather.

That’s all! Thank you for reading my blog or at least skipping to the end, I hope you have a good rest of your day and a wonderful spring break!

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Harry Potter

Hello and welcome back to another blog, today I am going to be talking about my favourite Harry Potter character. I just absolutely love harry potter and I never really thought about blogging about it until Athena suggested it so here I am, buckle up for the Harry Potter blogs. also here is you warning SPOILERS will probably be said in here so if you plan on reading the series pls dont let this spoil it.

1. Draco Malfoy: A lot of people think that Draco is a horrible guy and a bully, but I personally just think he is misunderstood. He was called the boy who made all the wrong choices and I some what agree with that. Sure he made some not so good choices, but in the end for him at least it kind of came down to a life for a life.” I have to do this, I have to kill you, or hes going to kill me.” was a line he once said. I felt horrible because Draco didn’t really want to kill this person but he had to because of his father and other people. I feel that with the right guidance and proper love he could have changed and become good, and possibly joined the good side in the battle.


2. Hermione Granger: Hermione for me is viewed as strong and persistent through my eyes. She came from a complete muggle family, she still managed to get the top of her class and achieve good marks. Hermione grew into a wonderful wizard. Hermione didn’t exactly have the easiest time in school between bullied for having muggle parents, and staying on top of her marks she did an amazing job

3. Fred & George Weasley: I absolutely love these two. They were the jokesters of the school and made everyone laugh, they were always together and they had a special connection. The only time one of  of them got hurt was when they were apart, and when you think of a certain event that happened that was very sad you can see how this could be true. Once of my favourite lines from those two is a little bit sad but I love it, here is what it is. -you ok Freddie?  -yeah  -me too. That is an amazing scene in my opinion, sorry if you dont understand it.

4. Severus Snape: This character might not be my most favourite but I really feel for him. Perhaps the saddest thing this person went through was his heart break, I feel absolutely heart broken for him. All he wanted to do was be with the one girl he loved all his life, and when  her son came to Hogwarts he only really suffered more as he saw her in her son. Snape also had a deep friendship with her which only really added onto the pain for him after she died, snapes Patronus was influenced by his love for her… it was a silver doe, the same as hers.

5. Dobby: My gosh you all have probably heard of dobby and I love him. Dobby just added so much to harry potter in my opinion from the very first time he came into the books and the day he left. He was always so devoted to his master and protecting and serving them at all costs. If Bellatrix’s blade would have ended up hitting his master he would have spent the rest of his life punishing himself which is horrible yet so true as he was taught to serve.

Ok that is it for my ,blog I hope you enjoyed it! I will probably be adding on to this next week but until then I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day. Bye

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Books I looove

Hello and welcome back to another blog, in todays blog I am going to be talking about some books I would literally sell my soul to read again. the reason I am doing this is because there is so many books that were just sooo good but no matter how many times you read them it will never give the same thrill, wonder, excitement reading a book for the first time does. Lets get going.

Divergent series- I know I have talked a lot about this series on my blog but I cant help myself its just an amazing series! I love the thrill that it gives you and the excitement for the character’s development and the butterflies, oh the butterflies I wish I still experienced them when I re-read the books. Overall 10/10 I recommend you to read it.

Harry Potter series: Oh My God. dont even get me started on how amazing this series is! the feeling of wonder and magic and heart break and the long these books gives you is just astonishing. This series has a unique way of making you feel like your there, experiencing everything the character’s are and its amazing yet so sad at the same time since you know that sooner or later you have to return to the reality of the world you live in.

Precious Bones: I read this book earlier this year and was amazed by it, this book is a mystery type of genre and the author has such an intelligent way of making you wonder about the suspects but also leads your mind off in different directions at the same time, and the cliff hangers at the end of chapter…… wow.

By your side: This was one of the many Kasie West books i have read this year and by far the best one in my opinion. She does the best job of making you fall utterly in love with the Main character and her journey into love, she also gives you butterflies in ways other books never could for me, she is a very talented author.

The selection series: Might I just say. WOW. This series was absolutely amazing!! it gave you the sense of wonder and longing for her to be with a special someone, it also just makes you loose yourself  in the books a lot like harry potter.

Red Wolf: We are doing this book as a class read but I have read it this summer before school, this book is one I wish I could experience for the first time again because I felt a pain reading it, whether it was for red wolf or crooked ear but I felt a pain. My heart absolutely broke reading that book for the first time but now I feel as I have come accustomed to it as it is my second time reading it and it doesn’t have the same shock or breath taking ability it did the first time I read it.

A Beach Read: I just finished this book the other day and I already want to re-read it. This book was just amazing, it had the thrill, the shock, the heart break, the romance just everything I look for in a book. I felt like I was truly experiencing this book first hand when I read it, I truly felt all the emotions that the character were experiencing and I felt like I related to some of it and I thought the author did an awesome job at that.

Well that is the end of my blog, thank you so much for reading it! I you want to see Madie and Athena’s blogs the link are below, Bye!