End of Year Blog

Hello, as you may know my name is Ava and I am in grade. 8. I enjoy working outside, listening to music and ( unpopular opinion) school! I am a little bit worried for highschool since it is such a new environment from the middle school but I think I am ready for it! I also really enjoy playing sports, mostly volleyball and softball.

This year I think that I really overcame math, I am not the best at math and I really struggled with a couple of outcomes, I wanted to improve on them as I wanted to be ready for highschool math even though I heard it is a little bit easier than the grade.8 math we are doing this year.

I definitely think a big challenge next year will be getting into the highschool routine, since it is so different from the middleschool I think I will have to adapt to the new classes, people and schedule. I am also a little bit scared for the work, I probably have nothing to worry about but there is still the lingering fear that the math or other subjects will be too hard for me, I believe it will be ok if I  study hard for tests and pay attention in class if I think the subject will be challenging. There will of course be a bunch of positive things about next year, I will get probably a little more freedom, get to take a couple different classes I’ve never taken before and its just highschool!

This year I think I learned that you need to live in the moment! you only get one life to live and you should make the most out of every moment you have! so laugh with your friends and be idiots, tell that guy or girl that you like them, and dont be afraid to show off who you really are cause there is no point in living this life if your not going to be happy with the choices you have made.

Well that is the end of my final blog! I want to give a huge thanks to my teacher for helping me get through this year and my bestfriends for putting up with me! I hope everyone has a wonderful summer and a great year next year, bye!

W.W 7

Full Name: Athena Jolie Sigurdson

Date Born: September 2nd, 2007.

Death: not yet

Spouse: Its complicated

Athena Jolie Sigurdson was born on September 2nd, 2007, in Winnipeg Manitoba. At a young age Athena enjoyed binge watching the Night Garden and playing with My Little Ponies. At her current age (13), Athena still enjoys The Night Garden, but minus My Little Ponies. Athena has yet to get a job, but she helps out at home by doing laundry, dishes, cleaning, and the occasional supper- making. Staying on the topic of food, some of Athena’s favourite foods are fettuccine and salad.

As for hobbies… Athena has little to none, but the few she has consist of procrastinating, sleeping, Wattpad, and my all-time favourite, her Marvel obsession. Fun little fact, Athena finished the original 23 Marvel movies in under a week, that plays out to about 50 hours or 2 days and 2 hours of straight movies! Some of Athena’s favourite Marvel things are Sebastian Stan, (James Bucky Barnes). You know what, let’s just say all the marvel men!

Athena also likes her baby cousin, and I believe she likes school, but every so often I can be convinced otherwise. I also believe Athena likes her friends, and most of the time her family, but her brothers get on her nerves. In all honesty it wouldn’t be a family if you don’t anger each other every once and a while. Am I right?

Athena has grown up with two brothers in the sibling department, and two parents in the guardian section. Athena also has two dogs, but she doesn’t like them very much, so we don’t speak about them (even though they are really cute!).

Athena has lived in Arborg her whole life and in this small town she spends most of her time indoors, on her phone, away from the outside world. Every so often she gets outside and is forced, I meant ‘chooses,’ to take the dogs for a walk. Or she even enjoys a quad ride from time to time.

Athena has asthma and allergies if you didn’t already know, this means please don’t bring fish or any type of nut into the school as I really don’t want a dead friend!

In conclusion to Athena’s amazingly boring biography she is not yet dead, in fact she is actually very well and sitting behind me. Athena is in mint physical condition, but I think her Marvel obsession may have taken a toll on her mental well-being. As for recent news on her Athena has tried her hand in softball and almost broke it. She has also tried to play baseball at break, but sadly gets ‘out’ almost every time.

Hopefully, Athena lives for many more years and stays happy and semi mentally sound!





Athena’s Interview

Hello and welcome back to another blog, in todays blog I am going to be interviewing Athena, I did this already but you know people change over time not much but yeah im just going to do it anyways.

Q: If someone just came up and gave you a hug what would you say or do?

A: uhm it really depends who it is… but I would hug them back.. otay

Q:  Would you rather fight 10o horse sized ducks or 1 duck sized horse

A: 100 horse sized ducks cause they are so cute* Madie informs you have to kill them* yeah I know and I would kill them im just that kind of person.

Q: What would you do if you found a penguin in your freezer?

A: dead or alive? * I answer with dead* watch Mr.Poppers penguins

Q: What would you sell if you lived in Georgia

A: * asks where Georgia is and searches it up* there’s all people you cant sell people! NOT FRENCH NOT FRENCH ok I would sell drum sets.

Q: If you were any crayon colour what would you be?

A: pink, I dont know pink is a nice colour, and make sure to spell colour like Canadian not American

Q: If you delivered Pizza how would you benefit from using scissors?

A: Scissors, to deliver pizzas? oh lord lets see * in deep thought* OH I would cut the pizza instead of using the pizza cutters.

Q: Why is a tennis ball fluffy?

A: * not impressed* uhm cause some people are blind, dont ask question

Q:What would you do if you were the one survivor in a plane crash?

A: ooooo you need food right? and if everyone is dead….. you know where im going with this, but i would make a little hut and have a volleyball named Wilson.

Q: Hunter or Gatherer?

A: wait is that like OH OH hunter

Q: How would you describe a spice rack to the blind?

A: oh, oh, oh that made me think of Elizabeth Olsen cause like paprika but if they have ever touched sand its like sand, in a jar, in a shelf, and its smells but dont smell it.

Q: What animal are you?

A: uhm * searched up animals* AN OWL

Q: What would I find in your fridge right now?

A: uhm you’d find orange juice and vegetables and probably my uneaten sandwich.

Thank you for reading my blog, I hope you have a good rest of your day and a wonderful weekend, bye!



Bound by love and hate

Hello and welcome back to another blog, in todays blog I am going to be showing you a little bit of the current story I am writing called Bound by love and hate. The main characters are Violet who is  part of a royal family and Alden who is part of the other royal family. It is based around enemies to friends to enemies again to eventually lovers. I haven’t finished it yet but I wanted to give you guys a sneak peak of the first little bit, i dont know if you want to see it but im going to show you anyways 🙂

start of story:

Alden Myers. 6 foot 3 inches of pure handsome, hazel brown eyes, sandy blonde locks with perfectly toned muscles, his good looks didn’t come without a price however, I hated his guts. The Halloween Gala, one of my least favourite events I was forced to attend, since I was the princess of Peller it didn’t matter if I wanted to or not, I would go and plaster the “I’m having the time of my life possibly surrounded by my future husband” smile onto my face. The Gala was coming up soon and you could say I was anything but excited when I heard the news that he would be attending again. One of the worst things about having a hatred for someone who is in the same royal position as you is that 9 out of 10 times your parents love each other, their allies, buddies to put it in conversational terms and sadly much to my dismay out parents were in the allies category of that list, knowing this, we both had to put on an act, no matter how much we loathed each other we needed to play it cool or we could risk the history for both our royal families. So yes, I was dreading the ball but if I were ever asked by the press, my parents, even my siblings (with the exception of Nora of course aka my one friend) I would simply state that I couldn’t wait, and I was happily awaiting the arrival of the prince of Chelsea Alden Myers. Lying was always my strong suit.

“Arms up Violet I’m almost finished” I rolled my eyes in the most discreet way possible, trying to avoid yet another one of my mother’s scolding’s for not being a proper princess. “they are up mother” I replied. After nearly 2 hours of standing here while my mother and her crew worked on my gown, I was just exhausted, but not from being tired, I needed to get out of this cramped castle and just run until my muscles hurt, that is what I needed. Don’t get me wrong the gown was absolutely stunning, and I appreciated all the hard work that went into it, but I just needed to get out, I was a princess, so I was supposed to be locked up inside surrounded by rules and servants right? Wrong. What I loved most was to run through the country side and walk through the woods where I made my own rules and there was no servants waiting on me hand and foot, it wasn’t supposed to be this way however, I was supposed to be proper, I was supposed to be an example for younger princesses and future queens but being locked up inside for hours on end  going through dinner rules and history of past kings and queens was not how they were going to get any cooperation from me I can tell you that much.

That is the first little part there is way more where that came from, just let me know if you want more! I hope you have a good rest of your day and a wonderful weekend, bye!


Madies Interview 2.0

Hello and welcome back to another blog, in todays blog I am going to be interviewing Madie! I think I already did do this already this year but this time to will be funnier or harder questions to ask… lets go

Q: If someone randomly gave you and elephant what would you do?

A: ummm ( asks many questions) I would keep it and raise it as a pet like a cow wait not like a cow cows are used for beef ok so like a horse.

Q: Why do you think Manholes are round?

A: * laughs stupidly* I dont know maybe because to easily distribute water.

Q: If you were a tree which one would you be and why?

A: * repeats question to self and laughs while being uncomfy* why a tree?? do I have to be a tree?

Q: What’s the colour of money?

A: uh green

Q: Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or one horse sized duck

A: * laughs a lot* a horse sized duck.

Q: How would you describe red to a blind person?

A: uhm I couldn’t like its kind of hard like no I couldn’t.

Q: What do you think about in a car alone?

A: * unimpressed eye roll* What?? if im listening to music I like put my head on the window.

Q: What kids movie scares you?

A: * spits out water* kids movie? like that scares  me still… oh ok uhm I dont know I cant really think of one.

Q: what part of the human face do you like the most?

A: ok well.. if im thinking it would be eyes

Q: How many windows in New York?

A: Windows? windows? did you just say windows? * repeats question* im gonna to guess im just gonna estimate but I guess like a million, imagine cleaning all those! Imagine if you fell… what if you fall… I wonder how many people die cleaning windows.

Q: What do you think of garden gnomes?

A: uhm well I mean some of them are creepy but some of them are kind of cute * proceeds to tell me about her  garden gnome dream*

Q: How many pennies would fit in this room?

A: No! pennies like that big * makes the size of a Pennie and starts counting*  I dont know what was the … oh yeah right.. wait with the furniture.. its still a couple billion I dont know why I asked that its still the same.. is a hotdog a sandwich?

That is the end of my blog, i hope you enjoyed and have a good day and a wonderful weekend.. bye!





Honour Blog


That is the Link to Susan’s blog, I really like the way Susan writes her blog and how she shows pictures! The pictures are super engaging and help you get a  better understanding of the topic. ( in this case how to fold origami boxes) Susan also has very clear instructions which makes it easy to follow and help you along the way. Susan is a very good writer and I think you should definetley check out her blog(s)

Recently Read Books

Hello and welcome back to another blog, in todays blog I am going to be talking about/ reviewing the more recent books I have read or am currently reading. Lets get into it!

The Bridge From Me to You:  I really liked this book, the chapter were super short which allowed it to be a quick read and it just hooked you and wouldn’t let go. This book I admit wasn’t the best writing but it was kind of a refresher for me since it had a happy ending and I’ve been reading sadder books lately. I think this would be a good book to get you out of a reading slump because as I said before its a page turner. Half way through the book a big plot twist happened and I was like ” what, no!” so I got sad but I just kept reading and it turned out ok in the end which is good.

The Summer I Turned Pretty: This book was actually very good! I didn’t realize it was a series of three books so when I finished the first one I was cursing myself for not having the other two. I also flew through this book with anticipation for the end and how it is going to turn out, not going to lie the ending was kind of confusing but it was a good confusing I think, I did cry but only because I read into the second book ( only a couple pages in the back of the book) and expected something sad to happen and I was correct with my assumption.

Four ( a divergent collection): Some people may have heard of this book but in case you haven’t it is just a life story of one of the main characters ( four) life before the books took place. So this book wasn’t really sad per say but the whole time I was reading it I just kept playing the events of the other books over and over in my head and it made me really sad because the ending of the book was sad! I was thinking about fours life after the ending of the divergent series as well and just dont do that! just dont!

We Were Liars: Where do I even start with this book! The plot twist!!!!Oh my lord the plot twist is so huge you will be sitting in shock ( probably crying) in you room at like 12:00am just thinking about the events of the book and bout her and Gat and awwww Gat! This book not only had a very large plot twist but you want so many answers and it seems like there is just not enough time for the book to answer them all and it keeps you aware of everything, when I say you have to pay attention while reading this one, you really do.

Harry Potter- POA: Just in case you didn’t know POA stands for Prisoner of Azkaban. So this is like my 100th time reading this book and the plot twists and magical feelings still seem to catch e by surprise, I shouldn’t be surprised at this point as I know what is going to happen and such but I still feel and magic and awe when I read it now then when I read it the first time.

A Walk to Remember: I actually read this a little while ago but I really wanted to put it in here. This book was nothing like anything I have ever read,  I mean in the way it was based around Christianity and that isn’t really my cup of tea. This book was full of wonder of what will happen or if it will happen like I wanted it too. I cried. In the end it did turn out how I wanted it too but in the very end I was sobbing. At the beginning of the book i was kind of wondering why the title was ” a walk to remember” as it didn’t have anything to do with the story AT THE TIME, but now I look back at it and it almost brings me to tears.

Ok that is the end of my blog this week, thank you for reading it and I hope you have a wonderful rest of you day and a great weekend, Bye!




My Friends

Hello and welcome back to another blog, in todays blog I am going to be blogging about my two befriends Madie and Athena.

You may remember that earlier this year I made a blog about them so I am just going to be doing another one that is more updated and more updated pictures as well. I think even though this year we weren’t aloud to have sleepovers or anything I think we have defiantly grown closer, this year are motto was just to live life to the fullest and since it is our last year in this school we want to make the most of it.

Athena: Athena has just a positive personality, she is always looking for the bright in ever situation and just making my day. Athena is also the type of person who is kind and respectful and loving to everyone but boy if you cross her or say anything bad about me or Madie, just start running, go and dont stop till your in Africa.

Madie: Madie is just so funny, she is always cracking jokes and trying to lighten the mood. I wouldn’t really say Madie is as positive as Athena but you do you girl! I really like how Madie is most of the time smiling and just making you feel so appreciated, when I say most of the time, when she’s in a mad mood just lock yourself in a closet till she’s done cause boy she can have a temper.

All in all I am just so grateful for these two, they can always and I mean always bring a smile to my face and lighten the mood, I feel really bad for everyone else in room 16 cause they have to listen to our constant laughing and horrible jokes. Anyways thank you for reading my blog and I hope you have wonderful rest of your day and a great weekend, bye!